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What are the solutions of degreasing aluminum profile processing manufacturers for aluminum profiles?

2022-04-29 15:23:51

What are the degreasing solutions for aluminum profiles? The pre-treatment of the aluminum tube of the aluminum profile is very important to the quality of the electroplating process. It is generally stipulated that the organic solution (such as gasoline, motor gasoline, trichloroethylene, carbon tetrachloride, etc.) should be used for rough degreasing, and then transferred to organic chemical degreasing. The content of caustic soda should not be higher than 5g/L, the total output of industrial aluminum profile aluminum carbonate should not exceed 100g/L, the pH value should be between 8 and 10, and the application temperature should generally not exceed 80 °C. It is advisable to apply a displacement type degreaser at room temperature.

The aluminum and aluminum alloy parts after the aluminum profile has been polished by polishing wax should be immersed in weakly alkaline wax removal water for 2-5 minutes to remove wax (ultrasonic wax removal is best), and then transferred to an organic chemical degreasing agent to remove the wax. Oil. Aluminum tubes are not suitable for electrolytic degreasing.

In case of electrolytic degreasing, the content of carbonate in the aluminum profile must not exceed 50g/L, the temperature of the aluminum tube should be lower than 70℃, and the time should be lower than 1min. Otherwise, it will be over-etched and must be degreased by negative electrode electrolysis.

Industrial production of aluminum profile accessories is easy to break when applied, and the reasons can be found from two levels. One is the internal structure of the light box aluminum profile, and the other is the external reason. The actual factors are as follows:

 1. The proportion of seasoning in the casting of aluminum profile parts is unscientific.

 The immature production technology results in unqualified product quality, such as excessive or insufficient melting, and the low molecular structure components in the commodity are not discharged. This all causes the aluminum profile fittings to become brittle and the compressive strength is insufficient, so it is easy to break and damage if you are not careful during the entire application process.

 2. Improper use in the whole process of installing spare parts causes rupture, which is attributed to external reasons.

Such a thing is very rare, usually because the installation staff is too violent to cause the parts to be broken and damaged. There is also a situation where the model specifications of the selected spare parts are not suitable, and the model specifications of the spare parts should be effectively selected.


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