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Common methods of processing aluminum profiles in industrial Ningbo

2022-04-29 15:25:13

There are many ways to process industrial aluminum profiles, and there are different processing methods for industrial aluminum profiles.

For the industrial aluminum profile products made later, the hazards are also different. Due to the different processing methods, the bearing capacity of the industrial aluminum profiles will be different.

Industrial aluminum profiles are often processed into assembly line workbenches, equipment shields, aluminum profile structures, etc. This kind of equipment is very effective for some fields. If the performance of industrial aluminum profiles changes, the direct impact on this field cannot be underestimated.

Therefore, the processing method of industrial aluminum profiles is very important. There are 5 different types of processing methods for industrial aluminum profiles.

Industrial aluminum profile processing

1. Air oxidation processing, silver-white air oxidation solution on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles, elegant, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

2. Extrusion processing. Each specification and type of aluminum profile has a corresponding manufacturing mold. The aluminum material is put into the mold, and the aluminum profile required by the customer is produced according to the extrusion.

3. Casting is similar to the initial quenching process seen on TV.

4. The purity and performance of the smelted residue and aluminum are directly proportional. The higher the purity, the better the performance. Therefore, the residue is removed according to the melting furnace to improve the performance of the aluminum profile.

5. Seasoning improves commodity strength. Industrial aluminum profile is a kind of aluminum profile, including aluminum-magnesium-silicon-aluminum alloy and aluminum-zinc alloy material. It can improve the strength and bearing capacity of aluminum profiles. After the surface of the aluminum profile sound card rack is oxidized, the appearance is very beautiful. When assembling the finished product, the use of profiled aluminum profile parts is more ecological and environmental protection without electric welding. Moreover, it is extremely convenient and quick to install, disassemble, carry and transport.


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